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Amidst the landscape of American-bred bass music, Duffrey has carved out a space near the tip of the spear, brandishing a reputation as a dancefloor fiasco in his own right and an integral arm of the Ultrasloth producer group. Just in time for a return to sound systems across the continent, The Rust is incredibly excited to host his latest minted release, Return to Source.

In true Duffrey fashion, the EP is replete with a pure head-nod focus, channeling smooth synthesis and pocketed bass lines into inviting, staccato rhythms. The flash and fanfare of contemporary sound design can sometimes feel like an oversaturated veneer, but Duffrey’s straightforward texture palette eases the listener into an experience that does as much justice through easy listening as it does on the club floor. Eschewing both brooding and manic atmosphere’s, his preferences and style instead lend themselves to jovial, petrol-laden anthems that roar with confidence as opposed to sheer ferocity. For the heads looking for a package that oozes with swagger and specificity, Duffrey’s Return to Source should be more than enough to satiate your needs.

Released July 6, 2021

The Rust Music

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